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Single Use Surgical Professional

Teardrop Control Suctions

  • Teardrop shaped control hole for precise suction regulation
  • Malleable tube gives the flexibility to adjust the angle by up to 50˚ for access to difficult to reach areas
  • Available with a tapered tube to minimise blocking
Teardrop Suction 6fg 9cm TaperedTeardrop Suction 6fg 9cm Tapered9cm6fgS190
Teardrop Suction 9fg 9cmTeardrop Suction 9fg 9cm9cm9fgS189
Teardrop Suction 9fg 13cmTeardrop Suction 9fg 13cm13cm9fgS192*

*Made to order – Not subject to standard delivery times and requires a minimum order quantity. Please contact for more information.

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