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Pulse Lavage

A disposable pulse lavage procedure pack with a built-in battery pack and two additional tips, providing controlled pulsed irrigation and suction:

  • Built-in battery pack – easily removed for safe disposal; cutting the weight and cost of clinical waste**
  • Long coaxial canal tip provides extra reach
  • Fan spray tip with 30mm splash field
  • Ergonomic handle
  • High speed flow rate option up to 1,000ml/M
  • Latex and DEHP free
  • Range of accessories available

Applications: Orthopeadic revisions, total joint procedures, trauma and wound care

S353Pulse Lavage Kit includes Pulse Lavage, 30mm Cone Tip, Long Coaxial Canal (Femoral) Tip
BT 04 ZCoaxial Canal (Femoral) Brush Tip
CT 02 Z*Coaxial Canal (Femoral) Tip
CTL 02 Z*Long Coaxial Canal (Femoral) Tip
LT 01 Z*75mm Cone Tip
MT 01 Z*50mm Cone Tip
ST 01 Z*30mm Cone Tip

*Made to order – Not subject to standard delivery times and requires a minimum order quantity. Please contact for more information.

**Ensure batteries are disposed of safely and in accordance with all current national and international waste disposal directives

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