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Long Suction Tubes

A range of long suction tubes to optimize reach and visibility during ENT procedures. Features include:

  • Brushed stainless steel prevents glare and reflection
  • Added benefit of rounded tips for extra atraumatic tissue contact
  • Strong high quality tube

Procedure recommendations:

  • Bronchoscopy S187
  • Laryngoscopy S182
  • Oesophagoscopy S184 / S183
  • Microlaryngoscopy S156 / S319
Working LengthPolished Tip
6fg ~ 2mm9fg ~ 3mm12fg ~ 4mm
20 cmS031S024S021
27 cmS020S011
35 cmS036
40 cmS109
45 cmS258*S015
50 cmS132
55 cmS111S038
Working LengthRounded Tip
6fg ~2mm9fg ~ 3mm12fg ~ 4mm
20 cmS156S319
27 cmS185S182
35 cmS187S284*
40 cmS329*
45 cmS183
50 cm
55 cmS184

**Handle does not have a control hole

Long Suctions At 60 Degrees

  • 60˚ Bend, provides a more acute angle than our standard suctions
  • Brushed stainless steel prevents glare and reflection
  • Strong high quality tube
Working LengthPolished TipRounded & Fenestrated Tip
12fg ~ 4mm6fg ~ 2mm9fg ~ 3mm
20 cmS168S169
30 cmS131*

*Made to order – Not subject to standard delivery times and requires a minimum order quantity. Please contact for more information.

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