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Single Use Surgical Professional

Laser Suction Tubes

Laser suctions combine two instruments in one; a 0.9mm fibre optic laser port bonded to the suction tube allows simultaneous aspiration with cutting and coagulation

Continual aspiration of the smoke plume improves visibility

For use with 600 micron core laser fibre with 850 micron sheath

Laser Suction with flush finishLaser Suction 6fg 9cm with Extended Laser Channel9cm6fgS110
Laser Suction with extended laser channelLaser Suction with Flush Finish9cm6fgS165
Fairley Laser Suction with extended angulated tipFairley Laser Suction 12cm with Extended Angulated Tip12cm6fgS285

*Made to order – Not subject to standard delivery times and requires a minimum order quantity. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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