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Single Use Surgical Professional

Jobson Horne Probe

The unique design of this ear curette and cotton holder allows easy and gentle extraction of cerumen from the ear canal without pushing it deeper inside as other probes often do.

The Jobson Horne probe comes with all the benefits of a single-use instrument and has many features that include:

  • Curette loop at one end and threaded section at the other end for holding cotton wool
  • Manufactured from carbon filled nylon material, this probe offers superior strength and flexibility whilst remaining very cost effective
S303Jobson Horne Probe
S311Jobson Horne Probe (Non-Sterile)

“Those Jobson Horne Probes are just wonderful! Patients much prefer them as they are softer and less aggressive. I especially like the tilt on the loop and it is easy to remove the cotton wool from the other end of the probe. The metal probes cling onto the cotton wool so it’s difficult to get off. We’ll never use a metal one again!”

Dr David Addis, Auckland, New Zealand

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