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Single Use Surgical Professional

Diathermy Abbey Needle with Suction

S448Diathermy Abbey Needle with Suction 6fg 10cm 40° Bend10cm6fg

The Diathermy Abbey Needle with Suction has been anatomically designed to access harder to reach areas and can be used in procedures such as Submucosal Diathermy to Turbinates in the nose.

Improve visibility for your surgical procedures including submucosal diathermy, turbinectomy and breast surgery, with a unique combination of precise cauterisation and targeted suction.

New to the Single Use Surgical Professional range, the single-use Diathermy Abbey Needle with Suction offers smoke extraction at the point of cauterisation, whilst reducing the number of instruments needed at the surgical site. This innovative device has been designed to improve visibility in smaller working spaces.

Key Features:

  • No need for separate suction crowding the surgical site
  • Targeted and effective smoke extraction
  • Single-use reduces risks associated with cross contamination and unintentional patient burns from damaged insulation

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“I have used the Diathermy Abbey Needle with Suction and I like it. It is quicker and less traumatic to use. It feels more robust than the usual needle, so you can push the turbinate laterally as well, creating a bit more airway, and avoiding accidental diathermy of the septum. This reduces the chance of complications such as intra-nasal adhesion occurring. Simultaneous clearance of the smoke means you don’t need to alternate between the diathermy needle and the Zoellner sucker, which can often cause minor bleeding. It allows good vision throughout the procedure.” David Hill, Consultant ENT Surgeon


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