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Single Use Surgical Professional

Curved Micro Suction

S446*Curved Micro Suction 30° Bend 60° Curved Tip (Left)15cm9fg
S447*Curved Micro Suction 30° Bend 60° Curved Tip (Right)15cm9fg

Anatomically designed to access harder to reach areas. Perfect for procedures performed through the nose, the smooth rounded tip allows for gentle, atraumatic dissection.

The new Curved Micro Suction is perfect for use in transnasal procedures. Available with left and right curved tips, it has been designed with extended reach and reduced tip length compared to traditional suctions. The Curved Micro Suction range offers targeted suction in hard to reach areas. High quality and single-use, the device offers a clean, fully disposable solution to difficult to clean re-usable micro suction.

This single-use device offers a clean, safe, and fully disposable solution to hard to clean re-usable micro suction.

Key features:

  • Smooth, rounded tip allows for gentle, atraumatic dissection
  • Left and right options available for both sides of the patients’ anatomy
  • 9fg 15cm
  • 30° bend with 60° curved tip

Our single-use suction handles are manufactured in UK clean rooms, using processes that ensure internal lumens are guaranteed clean and sterile, to eliminate the risk of contamination from manufacturing debris.

When reusable instruments cannot be guaranteed clean, or are being lost, damaged and frequently replaces, single use instruments are a convenient, cost effective option.

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