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CIMPAX Electrodes for Electrosurgery Pencils

Complete range of electrodes for surgical procedures.

Standard 2,35mm connection with hex-lock.


Also available as part of the CIMPAX range:

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 DescriptionProduct CodeQty per Box
Blade Electrode 65mmC31-10-060*50
Coated Blade Electrode 65mmC31-10-06150
Coated/Insulated Blade Electrode 65mmC31-10-06250
Silicone Blade Electrode 65mmC31-10-063*50
Blade Electrode 100mmC31-10-100*25
Coated Blade Electrode 100mmC31-10-101*25
Coated/Insulated Blade Electrode 100mmC31-10-102*25
Blade Electrode 125mmC31-10-120*25
Coated Blade Electrode 125mmC31-10-121*25
Coated/Insulated Blade Electrode 125mmC31-10-122*25
Blade Electrode 165mmC31-10-160*25
Coated Blade Electrode 165mmC31-10-161*25
Coated/Insulated Blade Electrode 165mmC31-10-162*25
Needle Electrode 65mmC31-11-06050
Coated Needle Electrode 65mmC31-11-061*50
Coated/Insulated Needle Electrode 65mmC31-11-062*50
Micro-dissection Needle Electrode 65mmC31-11-063*25
Needle Electrode 100mmC31-11-06325
Coated Needle Electrode 100mmC31-11-101*25
Coated/Insulated Needle 100mmC31-11-102*25
Needle Electrode 125mmC31-11-120*25
Coated Needle Electrode 125mmC31-11-121*25
Coated/Insulated Needle Electrode 125mmC31-11-122*25
Needle Electrode 165mmC31-11-160*25
Coated Needle Electrode 165mmC31-11/161*25
Coated/Insulated Needle Electrode 165mmC31-11-162*25
Ball Electrode 5mm/55mmC31-12-060*50
Coated Ball Electrode 5mm/55mmC31-12-061*50
Ball Electrode 5mm/120mmC31-12-120*25
Coated Ball Electrode 5mm/120mmC31-12-121*25
Loop Electrode 10x10mm/65mmC31-17-060*25
Loop Electrode 15x12mm/65mmC31-17-061*25
Loop Electrode 20x15mm/65mmC31-17-062*25
Loop Electrode 20x20mm/65mmC31-17-120*25
Loop Electrode 10x10mm/120mmC31-17-12025
Loop Electrode 15x12mm/120mmC31-17-121*25
Loop Electrode 20x15mm/120mmC31-17-122*25
Loop Electrode 20x20mm/120mmC13-17-123*25
Conization Electrode 10x15mm/65mmC31-18-060*10
Conization Electrode 13x20mm/65mmC31-18-061*10
Conization Electrode 13x10mm/65mmC31-18-08210
Conization Electrode 16x22mm/65mmC31-18-063*10
Conization Electrode 10x15mm/120mmC31-18-120*10
Conization Electrode 13x20mm/120mmC31-18-121*10
Conization Electrode 13x10mm/120mmC31-18-122*10
Conization Electrode 16x22mm/120mmC31-18-123*10

*Made to order – Not subject to standard delivery times and requires a minimum order quantity. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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