We are pleased to announce our recent membership with the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI). The ABHI supports the HealthTech community to provide products and services that help people live healthier lives. Their mission is to show the value of health technology and overcome barriers to people benefitting from it now and in the future.

1) Why have we become an ABHI member?

Until now we have not been part of a notified membership. This is key to ensure we have a wider reach in the HealthTech community. ABHI membership also reaffirms our commitment to the highest professional standards and ethics.

2) What is the significance of ABHI membership?

ABHI provides us with representation so that we can better engage with key industry stakeholders, including the Government and NHS. This also helps assure customers of our compliance within regulatory frameworks that are fit for purpose in the changing HealthTech environment.

3) How does this benefit our stakeholders?

Participation in ABHI focus groups will help us to identify customer needs. This will support our initiative for the provision of innovative medical products to customers and international partners. Distribution with expanded trade opportunities and access to a world-wide network of partners can deliver our products to those that need them.


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