Benefits of single-use instruments – Part 1

Hospitals around the world are recognising the benefits of switching to single-use, but why?

Simply put, switching to single-use devices and surgical instruments reduces the risk of patient-to-patient cross-contamination as well as saving the time and cost involved in reprocessing.

The Legacy of CJD on Surgical Instruments

One of the biggest public health scare crises of the 1990s in the UK revolved around ‘Mad Cow Disease’. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is a neurodegenerative disease of cattle, which when to spread to humans is believed to result in variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (sometimes abbreviated to CJD or vCJD), a rare and degenerative fatal brain disorder. Away from obvious concerns relating to the food chain and agricultural practices (and the subsequent change to regulations and industrial practices in those sectors), the BSE and CJD crises had a major impact in another area: surgical procedures.

Bringing the benefits of single-use to life

Single Use Surgical is delighted to launch its brand-new animation, exploring the benefits associated with switching to single-use surgical instruments.

The animation follows the story of one hospital, and how switching to single-use instruments can benefit many characters by cutting costs, saving time, and reducing risks associated with hospital acquired infection.

The hazards if surgical smoke

Effective Operating Theatres Summit 2018

Single Use Surgical will be exhibiting at the Effective Operating Theatres Summit at the De Vere West One Conference Centre in London on Friday 30 November 2018.

The event will be focused on Effective Operating Theatre; Improving Quality, Safety, Productivity and Patient Experience. This aims to support clinician’s productivity and practice in theatre through national updates, practical case studies and extended interactive sessions.

Debride and prejudice –why is pulsed lavage so important in wound care and orthopaedics?

One of the earliest references to the clinical use of pulsed lavage in wound cleansing, was in a 1978 clinical note in Physical Therapy, in which Nourse and Myrers outlined the use of a dental irrigating device to cleanse a pressure ulcer. *1

Pulsed Lavage is a form of mechanical hydrotherapy used to debride wounds and necrotic tissue, and to remove debris from a wound, particularly prior to hip and knee arthroplasty. Studies suggest that that debriding wounds with a Pulse Lavage can improve the growth of tissue by removing debris and necrotic tissue without damaging or disrupting the underlying normal tissues. *3

But what evidence is there to support these claims, and what makes a good Pulse Lavage?

International offering for Single Use Surgical’s Pulse Lavage and Spackman Cannula

Single Use Surgical – a UK surgical instrument specialist that offers ‘gold standard’ disposable solutions – will be at MEDICA 2018 (12 – 15th November) to raise awareness of their Pulse Lavage kit and the Spackman Cannula.

Based in Cardiff, the disposable surgical instrument specialist prides itself on identifying difficult-to-clean surgical equipment and offering high quality, alternative single use solutions.

QIST Orthopaedic Conference 2018

Single Use Surgical will be exhibiting at the QIST Orthopaedic Conference 2018 on Tuesday 16th, and Wednesday 17th October in Newcastle.

The 2-day event has been running for 5 years, with this years focus being on foot and ankle surgery, upper limb/shoulder arthroplasty and surgical site infections.

Hip & Knee Replacement as a Day Case

Single Use Surgical will be exhibiting at an orthopaedic conference in London this month. Hip and Knee Replacement as a Day Case will be taking place on 20th September at De Vere West One Conference Centre.

The day will recount the 10 year journey with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust from when they introduced an enhanced recovery programme for hip and knee arthroplasty.

There will also be an opportunity to claim a free, Single Use Surgical Water Bottle.

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